We Re-Engineer Your Money

Applying the underlying principles of working interest participation in oil and gas drilling opportunities, to assist developers remodel their business and project financing requirements, has always been the fulcrum of WREYM's business concept. Working interest is a long established, sound and proven principle in the US, and has been the vehicle of choice for participation in oil & gas drilling projects in the US for the past hundred years or more.

Our main focus is to serve as an intermediary between our mandators – individuals, or any legal entity, seeking participation in alternative projects such as fossil fuel, green energy, energy generation, waste management or food related projects – and the developers of such projects seeking capital to set up and run such projects.

By applying the following steps, we provide developers with the opportunity to remodel their financing strategies, thus opening up doors to a wider scope of potential project participants.

  1. It is not a given that working interest will always be a perfect fit for all businesses or projects out in the market. Hence the first step is will always entail an initial analysis of your business/project concept and metrics, with the objective to establish if the working interest models fits your business and project requirements.
  2. Upon successful completion of the first stage of the Working Interest remodeling process, you will then embark on the actual setup stages required to put it all together. During this stage, which typically lasts anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks, we will work together to design and develop the actual working interest model that best fits your requirements, and that is most suited to bringing your project to fruition.
  3. With both stages successfully completed we then pass on to the third and final stage – the actual fund raising stage, which in itself is the main scope of our involvement with you.

However the process does not stop there. With the funds raised and the project getting underway, it is a must that we receive periodical reports detailing the progress of the works going on and eventually of production once the project is brought online. Such reports are vital to the success of the fund raising processes, particularly to subsequent phases or projects within your business.

So get in touch with us now to understand better how you can benefit from a Working Interest Remodelling Process.