We Re-Engineer Your Money

WREYM International, through their collaboration with The EzySimpson Group, bring together a new generation of products based around global payments, data security and marketing solutions for our merchants, partners and clients. We operate at both local and global levels to bring in new business opportunities, unique marketing advantages and ultimately new revenue streams.

Apart from EZYBonds Global Payments platform, The EzySimpson Group also owns the patented Pockit World platform as well as the data-protection technology called Splitlock Technology. 

Pockit World is an exciting revolution in the world of mobile app development for your digital marketing, branding and communication. Using the Apple and Android platforms, Pockit World brings you the latest functionality at pricing that can be achieved by any type of business. Imagine what your organisation could achieve with an App from Pockit World.


WREYM International is using these technologies to provide clients worldwide with a cost-effective and secure solution to the issues that are costing businesses and countries, billions of dollars a year in excessive fund transfer costs, lost information and national security.