We Re-Engineer Your Money

WREYM International was born as a spin-off from an established oil & gas working interest financing business.

Our main focus is to serve as an intermediary between our mandators – individuals, or any legal entity, seeking participation in alternative projects such as fossil fuel, green energy, power generation, waste management or food related projects – and the developers of such projects seeking capital to set up and run such projects.

Our funding process is built upon the same principles of the oil and gas working interest model, which is a long established, sound and proven principle in the US. Working interest has been the vehicle of choice for participation in oil & gas drilling projects in the US for the past hundred years or more.

By adopting such principles, we provide developers with the opportunity to  remodel their financing strategies, thus opening up doors to a wider scope of potential project participants.

Furthermore, we have extended our services to include the underlying mechanisms and processes needed in order to set up, operate and maintain such a financing project.